Dr. Enrique Monasterio is Top Rehabilitation Expert

Dr. Enrique Monasterio, an expert in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, has made his mark on the medical community throughout the past 25 years of successful practice. Dr. Enrique Monasterio has held positions of high responsibility in Miami’s medical community. Among those, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is the former President of the Florida Society for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Adding to his accomplishments his 14-year course as Medical Director of Rehabilitation for South Miami Hospital, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is an established leader in his field.

Dr. Enrique Monasterio received his training in rehabilitation over 25 years ago at New York Medical College. From there, Dr. Enrique Monasterio furthered his education abroad in France, eventually headed to achieve a valued membership with the French Society of Mesotherapy. Dr. Enrique Monasterio is one of only four residents of the United States to be given this honor.

Throughout his career, Dr. Enrique Monasterio has focused his attention on rehabilitation as a means of helping to reduce the incidence of life-long disability as a result of illness. A leading expert in the field of rehabilitation, Dr. Enrique Monasterio has dedicated his time and knowledge to improving the quality of life for those affected by debilitating illness or accidents. An active member of the Miami Dade Medical Association for the past two decades, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is devoted to staying abreast of current research and best practice information in order to provide his patients with quality advice and successful treatment options.

A member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine for the past six years, Dr. Enrique Monasterio’s current focus is on his successful Miami practice offering the latest in non-surgical personal enhancement services. Committed to enriching the lives of others through comprehensive health and wellness services, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is an established leader in aesthetic medicine recognized internationally for his expertise.


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