Self Esteem and Beauty: Dr. Enrique Monasterio

Dr. Enrique Monasterio and the MedSpa Miami team developed the “The Miami Soft Lift” ™ a combination of procedures that result in a significant improvement of the patient’s appearance, taking off several years from the aging process resulting in a more youthful look. There is no downtime and is done as an out patient procedure, some of the results are immediately visible showing progressive improvement in the following weeks!!

For Dr. Enrique Monasterio, an aesthetic medicine and rehabilitation expert, the largest contributing factor to one’s quality of life is self-esteem. Over his 30 years of practice, Dr. Enrique Monasterio has established himself as a leader in his field. Dr. Enrique Monasterio has assisted patients with a spectrum of concerns and has a reputation for helping others achieve an optimum quality of life. To Dr. Enrique Monasterio, one’s quality of life is directly affected by one’s level of self-esteem.

Positive self-esteem can often mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to recovery from an accident or illness, believes Dr. Enrique Monasterio. Dr. Enrique Monasterio knows that positive self-esteem is crucial to one’s success and believes it is a right of every human. With the goal of helping others improve their lives as well as self-esteem, Dr. Enrique Monasterio has headed a prominent state-of-the-art facility in Miami, FL, providing non-surgical aesthetic enhancements for thousands.

The feedback Dr. Enrique Monasterio has received from clients throughout the years has been phenomenal. With a near total success rate, Dr. Enrique Monasterio has made non-invasive enhancement procedures available to many throughout the years. Offering methods gaining widespread popularity for being convenient, having minimal side effects, and a high success rate, Dr. Enrique Monasterio has helped to improve the self-esteem of others through innovative techniques and a genuine devotion to helping patients succeed in their goals.

Dr. Enrique Monasterio is licensed to practice medicine in the United States and Spain. Having gained national and international acclaim, Dr. Enrique Monasterio’s expertise and dedication to improving the quality of life for his patients has become well-known across the globe. Taking pride in his work, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is continually committed to staying informed of the latest technological advances in the field of aesthetic medicine in order to enrich the lives of his patients.


Dr. Enrique Monasterio is Top Rehabilitation Expert

Dr. Enrique Monasterio, an expert in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, has made his mark on the medical community throughout the past 25 years of successful practice. Dr. Enrique Monasterio has held positions of high responsibility in Miami’s medical community. Among those, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is the former President of the Florida Society for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Adding to his accomplishments his 14-year course as Medical Director of Rehabilitation for South Miami Hospital, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is an established leader in his field.

Dr. Enrique Monasterio received his training in rehabilitation over 25 years ago at New York Medical College. From there, Dr. Enrique Monasterio furthered his education abroad in France, eventually headed to achieve a valued membership with the French Society of Mesotherapy. Dr. Enrique Monasterio is one of only four residents of the United States to be given this honor.

Throughout his career, Dr. Enrique Monasterio has focused his attention on rehabilitation as a means of helping to reduce the incidence of life-long disability as a result of illness. A leading expert in the field of rehabilitation, Dr. Enrique Monasterio has dedicated his time and knowledge to improving the quality of life for those affected by debilitating illness or accidents. An active member of the Miami Dade Medical Association for the past two decades, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is devoted to staying abreast of current research and best practice information in order to provide his patients with quality advice and successful treatment options.

A member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine for the past six years, Dr. Enrique Monasterio’s current focus is on his successful Miami practice offering the latest in non-surgical personal enhancement services. Committed to enriching the lives of others through comprehensive health and wellness services, Dr. Enrique Monasterio is an established leader in aesthetic medicine recognized internationally for his expertise.